***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas "laugh"

We're having a fun contest at Outlaw Women Artists Emporium /Facebook Page 
Things that make you smile.

I've layered all my favorites on this canvas.

Tim Holtz products, lace, ribbon, Wild Orchid flowers, butterflies, pearls, buttons.
Of course, Brianna makes me smile the most!

 I love doing mixed media.  It just opens up a whole new way to display your pictures.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Support American Cancer Society ***SALE***


Your efforts will help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking cancer research, provide up-to-date cancer information, advocate for all people to have access to screening and treatment, and offer free programs and services to improve the quality of life for people facing cancer. By being a part of Relay, we are joining a worldwide movement to help defeat cancer for future generations.

Each piece has been assigned a number under the picture followed by a description.

I've posted a set price on each piece.  If you are interested-please pay at my relay site & add a comment which one you'd like to buy. I will ship to you as soon as I receive a confirmation email from ACS.

#1-by Karen Conner -6x8 layered cardboard. Mixed Media Unique Girl PRICE $8.00

#2-by Karen Conner-Mixed Media canvas 8X10. Features Philippians 4:19   PRICE $25

#3-by Karen Conner-Mixed Media canvas 8x10. Faith-Hope-Love   PRICE $25

#4-by Karen Conner. Mixed Media 8x10 canvas.  Keep Dreams in your Heart.   PRICE $25

#7-by Cassandra Cushman.  8x3 wooden dressforms.  You are loved and you hold the key to my heart.  PRICE $10

#8-by Diana Rast. 6x6 1.5 inch canvas.  Whimsey Girl  PRICE $20

#8 by Karen Letchworth.  2 1/2 x4 Wish Mini album with tags. 3 pockets.  PRICE $5.00

#9 by Karen Letchworth. 5 1/2x5 1/2 Thankful album. PRICE $5.00
#10-by Wendy Pettifer. Hope 6x6 canvas  PRICE $15

#11-by Robyn Weinrib. When Wishes Come True  PRICE $25

 *Thank you from the bottom of my heart ladies for your art pieces.

**Thank you to everyone who donates.  
You might be giving the dollar that saves your life or the life of a loved one.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last artist for Art Auction

Hi! My name's Karen Conner & I''m an 8 year cancer survivor!  
I'm the last artist for the auction.
The reason I do Relay For Life is to make a difference in someone's life.
I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 1/17/05. Bone cancer in my right bottom jaw.
I spent the next 11 months having chemo treatments and surgery.
During that time I met a lot of kind  and wonderful nurses, doctors, CNAs, got closer to my family and friends and made new friends.

The money that is raised from Relay For Life is used to fund many different programs.
Research for new types of treatments, the Look Good Feel Better program, pays for transportation to and from treatments when needed, housing for family members while patient is in hospital, just to name a few.

I so appreciate my friends for donating their art work for this special auction.  

The bidding will begin tomorrow at 6PM and end Sunday at 6PM


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

KRC Masterpiece: Meet the generous Artist #3

KRC Masterpiece: Meet the generous Artist #3: We only have a few more days till the Art Auction starts to benefit the American Cancer Society. I'm truly blessed to bring you ...

Meet the generous Artist #3

We only have a few more days till the Art Auction starts to benefit the American Cancer Society.
I'm truly blessed to bring you two more of my sweet friends that have donated.
Karen Letchworth and Wendy Pettifer.

My name is Karen Letchworth, and I am a crafter who LOVES and LIVES FOR the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am blessed far beyond what I deserve, and give God ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY for the every good thing in my life. 
 I am currently the owner/administrator of a challenge blog called Word Art Wednesday where everyone is welcome to share their art projects.   I also design for three great craft companies:   The Kraft Outlet, V's Sweet Ideas, and Eureka Stamps. 
 I have been happily married to a wonderful Christian man, and police officer, for over 28 years, and am blessed with three wonderful children who are living their lives for the Lord.  I am blessed, quite simply, because of the goodness of the Lord, and not of my own doing.  I love crafting SO MUCH, and invite you to stop by blog My Cup Runneth Over to say hello. 
 I hope you will all be very generous as you bid on these items; knowing that the money is all going for a very worthy cause, and that God will bless you for giving - according to His holy Word in 2 Corinthians 9:6-8.  Thanks for participating in this special auction.

My name is Wendy - I am 55 years young, live in Hamilton, New Zealand with my husband and our cat “Sparky.”
I work fulltime as a Claims Advisor for a government department.
My creative passions include most anything papercraft related- including cardmaking, rubberstamping, digital stamps, scrapbooking, altered art, art journaling, off the page items, canvases. I also enjoy cross stitch, knitting and I am just starting to make my first sewn quilt.

 I want to thank these ladies from the bottom of my heart for helping me to raise money for the ACS.  
Bidding will begin on 5/17/13 at 6PM and end 5/19/13 at 6PM.  The winning bidder will be notified and directed to pay for their piece directly to my Relay For Life site. Once they notify me the money has been received, the artwork will be mailed to them.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meet the generous Artists Day 2

Welcome to day 2 "Meet the generous artists".  We're leading up to our online art auction.  We're trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 

Please meet Diana Rast and Cassandra Cushman

#3 Diana Rast

I have always been into the “Artsy Fartsy” stuff as my husband calls it, and began my career in Jewelry in 1986 at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. After four “interesting” years I received my BFA in metalsmithing in 1990. Soon after graduation, I found job with a Jeweler in Philly, but wanting to see the world, I left the trade to travel.

After several years in non-artistic jobs, the opportunity to explore my creative side presented itself again; in which I found beads and it just steamrolled from there.

Initially I started buying lamp work beads for my creations on eBay, I just loved the look and feel of them but hated the price.  The thought went through my head that if others could make these beautiful things, why not me?  So the adventure into bead making started in the summer of 2006.  After having set up my initial studio (in the basement), I had the fortune to work with and learn from various talented bead artists such as Melanie Moertel , Teresa Laliberte,  from Germany, and Donna Mehnert.   I recently took an amazing class with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel.   If  you ever get a chance to take a class, I recommend all of the above artist highly!

The possibilities working with glass seem endless, and I plan on exploring this medium to its fullest.  So many shapes, colors, and combinations, but so little time!
I am still creating beads.  I am now selling my creations through Beads of Courage (link below).  I am also creating Mixed Media paintings and Art Journaling.  If you are interested in purchasing beads please contact me for information.  I do custom work all the time.

                                                      #4 Cassandra Cushman

I love the Lord. I'm married to an awesome man who is supportive, understanding and helps keep me grounded. We have two sons who are twenty and fifteen. I have two dogs, Brock who is a nine year old Golden Retriever and Luke who is a seven year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
I have loved to doodle and draw since I was a little girl. That love went dormant for to many years. I started altering hang tags in 2006 that had an encouraging word on them and would send them to Enchanted Makeovers and they would be shared with ladies who are on a new journey in their life. My love for mixed media began not long after when I watched my first workshop online and fell in love with it. I've not looked back. I love to use scripture and other encouraging words on my art as they truly do heal and lift your head up. 

With my art, I want it to bring encouragement, a smile and for everyone to know how special and loved they are. 



Don't miss out on day 3!!  Have more amazing-talented artists coming your way!
***all donations will be made directly to my Relay For Life site.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet the generous Artists

In one week I will be hosting an online art auction! 
The proceeds are all going to support the American Cancer Society.

I want to share with you the wonderful artists that have donated.
Today's featured artists are Robyn Ann Weinrib and Rita Zengoteta.
You'll be able to start the bidding on their art Friday, May 17th at 6PM.

#1-Robyn Ann Weinrib.
Hi, My name is Robyn and I'm a Mixed Media Artist.. I live in Indiana
with my Hubby and 9 fur babies. Two of them great big St. Bernard
Clowns. LOL
I got into Art after I had a horrific motorcycle accident. I was a
professional dancer and was consumed by dance .. It was my life's
passion. After the accident I was in a wheelchair and could not dance
any longer. Heck I couldn't walk let alone dance.. It was such a life
changing event for me. I went into a three year depression. Never
leaving my house.. I lived 50 miles from any other person and knew the
pangs of Loneliness.. One day I got very angry at myself and called a
physical therapist. He worked with me for month's teaching me how to
walk again.. The doctors said I never would but I proved them wrong! My
only problem now was I could no longer dance. I had to channel my
creative energy into some other outlet. The depression was still with me
as I no longer could work.

 I started my Journey into Art by
Scrapbooking. From there I got into Card Making and doing what is called
ATC Cards..I also got into Altered Art. Something was missing. I just
knew I wanted to do more. By now the addiction to art and art supplies
had gotten into my blood and I was consumed with buying all the supplies
I could afford.. Sometimes using my food money and hiding supplies from
my husband! LOL

 I finally started to paint more seriously by taking
some workshops online. I found a love of painting whimsical gals.. I
studied hard . Practicing portraits every day.. Learning all different
styles until I finally developed my own style.. The passion was back for
my creative outlet.. I am now consumed with the love of Art and Artwork.
Just as I had been for Dance.. I do find Art harder then dancing.
Dancing came natural to me. I didn't have to think about it I just
danced... Though not a technical dancer I was many times the solo dancer
for my style.. I find the same thing is happening with my Art. I am not
a technical person. I have to feel my pieces for them to come out good.
I need to place myself into the piece as I'm painting. What ever it may
be. I have now studied watercolor, abstract art and decorative art .I am
also an avid Art Journaler.. I love them all but my main love is still
for those whimsy gals with big eyes and long hair. Thank you for letting
me participate in this wonderful cause.
 I sign my pieces RAW... LOL

#2-Rita Zengoteta

On December 10, 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer in my lymph nodes.  It took until sometime in January 2000 until they found it was coming from my breast.  I wound up having a Bi-lateral mastectomy in January.  Started chemo in February, followed by radiation.  Since then it has come back every year and was followed by treatment for about 6 mths for each occurrence. 
 In 2010 it spread to my liver, lung and bone.  I had been on treatment for over 2 yrs straight when on December 10, 2012 I started to feel dizzy and was having what I thought were sinus problems.  Living in Florida there were others that I knew who were also complaining-the allergies were starting early this year.  I did tell my Oncologist about what was going on as it was getting close for another PET scan.  
March 11, 2013 I was very dizzy and in pain, which was a level 10 of 10.  That evening my husband took me to the ER where they did a CAT scan which showed that the cancer had spread to my brain.  They transferred me to another hospital to see a neurosurgeon.  I had an MRI done on Tuesday evening and the doctors told me Wednesday morning that there was more cancer than the CAT scan initially showed.  There were multiple tumors in both hemispheres of the brain and at least five tumors in the cerebellum.  The doctor also explained that the cancer had been in my brain for a while because it was already calcified in some areas.  He explained the at the operation would be very painful and he was not sure, based on the amount of cancer that the operation would be beneficial.  This was all I needed to hear to make the best decision for myself and improve my remaining quality of life.  Over the years I had seen enough to know this was not how I wanted my life to end.  I wanted to enjoy the rest of my life.  I had lived longer than I had thought when first diagnosed.  I have seen my children marry and I have two grandchildren.  The second one was born March 18, 2013 which put me on a high for a week!  Wednesday morning, April 13th, they gave me THREE weeks to live.  It's has now been FOUR weeks and with a steroid to control swelling on my brain and medication to control pain, I have been enjoying my life, doing the things I want and making Art which brings joy to my soul.  It has been a little challenging since I now shake when I draw and write, though it still brings me joy.

My saying "Challenged with Cancer, Living with Love" came to me one night.  I did not care for everyone telling me to fight.  I don't like fighting.  It's negative and exhausting and I've been doing it now for thirteen years.  A challenge is something I can take on without feeling negative and heavy.  Now I just want to enjoy the rest of my life an be free.  My decision brings me peace. 

Stay tuned for more information and artists as we get closer and closer to the Auction date!!

**All monies will be donated directly to my Relay For life site.    


Sunday, May 5, 2013

With all my heart

A close friend got married Saturday.   Who doesn't love spring weddings?
I jumped at the chance to use the sketch at Mojo Monday #291

 I used Close to my Heart Valentine's stamp set.  I stamped the biggest rose on cream cardstock using versa mark and clear emboss powder.  Then I sponged/rubbed TH berry distress ink on top of it to make it pop.

The rose embellishment was embossed with cherry cobbler.  I colored it with aqua painter and markers.

The sentiment was also done with cherry cobbler emboss powder. 

The beautiful vintage lace I get from a friend.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Unity Friends with Flair & OWSE

This started life as a tree. LOL
Then became cardboard.
Then became a wall hanging!
 I've used a variety of mediums. acrylic paint, distress ink, fabric paint, modeling paste, rub and buff, colored pencils.  Embellishments: button, twine, raffia, lace.

My image is from UNITY STAMP CO.  Her name is Angie girl and I love her!
I'll be entering Friends with Flair which they host every Friday.
My other main love is Crafting with OWSE
We have a art technique chat every Wednesday night.  I'll be teaching the technique every other week.  It's a great group of women.  I have learned so much!

Sentimental Sundays #152 is doing  Mixed Media this week!! 

I also want to give a huge shout out to Word Art Wednesday.  Challenge #78 is anything goes this week!  Go see what those talented ladies have done!

 I hope your enjoying your Friday!  I'm vacationing in my craft studio!! Loving it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trash to Treasure Mixed Media

Every week at OWSE on Wednesday night someone (usually the one of the owners-Robynann) does a tutorial on a technique.  This week I'm doing a  tutorial.
I was inspired by Lin Browns tutorial on Paper Artsy Here 

Started with a piece of cardboard 6x8.  I tore a couple of pieces of book paper and glued it in a couple of spots on the cardboard.
I ripped the top layer of the cardboard to show the inside texture.
I wanted a flower back ground, but didn't have a stencil to use. So I had some extra die cuts from a project I just finished and glued them using glossy accents to create the raised texture.
Get some baby wipes ready..... After it dried, I used 1 inch wide brush and painted the whole top with linen acrylic. Wiped the paint off the area with the words & blended around the edges-dry well.  Blended in golden harvest acrylic paint-using baby wipe to blend and smooth the edges. Dry well.  Using a stencil, I added some spots using vintage white acrylic paint-dry well.

Still using a paint brush, I added some lettuce green adirondak colorwash ink-used a baby wipe to feather the edges.
 Added sailboat blue adirondak colorwash ink. using baby wipe I tried to blend together. Added more linen acrylic paint around the edges.
 Using my finger, I rubbed antique gold fub and buff around the edges and the flowers.
 Here's the close up of all the layers showing.
 To finish it up I took my black paint pen and outlined my flowers.  Sponged some Rusty Hinge distress around the edges. Stamped a script stamp around a few areas with brown staz on ink.

Add some buttons with twine to the center of the flowers, punched holes in the top and threaded some raffia thru to hang it with, added 2 layers of butterfly with a pearl center and a little black twine for the anteannae, a Tim Holtz bird and some die cut leaves.  The sentiment came from Stampin Up. 
 Look at all the layers!  Truly a trash to treasure finale'

 This project is going to  new friend that has overcome some tremendous obstacles to start a new life with her daughter! 

An Ode to women challenge

A young model. I started just tracing her, then I did colored pencils, then I added watercolor to her. I'm not great at people, but this...