***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Painted Shells with Media Fluid Acrylic by Decoart

While at the beach, I picked up some nice shells.  When they are on the beach and wet, they look beautiful, then when you get them home, several of them looked grey.  I wanted to create something so I could see the shells.  I had this big C that I've been wanting to decorate, so I thought I'd put the shells on it.  But, I wanted some color.  I broke out my Media Fluid Acrylic paints. Stuck with Cadmium Red, Orange and Yellow.

I think it turned out great!  

The Decoart Media Fluid paints covered the shells with one coat. It dried quickly making this project simple and fast. I hot glued the shells on and put a finishing coat of Satin varnish.

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