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Napkin Fold technique for mini album

Spent 6 hrs making a new mini album with Laura Denison's Ustream.  Took me 6 hours, but I have the pages done, the tags made & matted.  Only have to decorate up now with flowers, ribbons, etc.

This hasn't been my favorite but it ened up holding a ton of photos.
Once it's done I'll add it to this blog & etsy.

Sugarplum Flowers

Sugarplum Flowers is the BOMB! Vicky has step by step instructions on how to make flowers that absolutely look store bought. I've sat the last 2 nights after work making flowers. I'm going to start using them on my mini scrapbooks.

Be sure & check out my Etsy Shop.
I will make & customize a mini album just for you!

Makes great gifts. Order several-you've got to keep one or two for yourself!

Paint or Scrap?

I'm so crazy over both painting & Scrapping that I can't seem to stay on one project.  Thankfully I have a large workspace on both sides of my craft room.  I can keep a painting going on one table & turn my chair and work on scrapping on the other table.

I've been invited to go attend the Stampin Up convention in Charlotte 8/20/11.  One of the things they do is swap cards with each other.  So right now I'm working on a card to design to make multiples of so I can swap.  Going to use black background, purple as 2nd color & yellow/white flowers.

The painting I'm working on right now is flowers in a glass vase.  Have discovered Margorie Harris on youtube.  Really like her technique.  Practice makes perfect right?  Mine does NOT look like hers.

I've taken a break to do more research on flowers made with scallop punch. My husband has gone to get dinner since I have no interest in cooking supper anymore.  I go straight to my craft room when I get home fro…

Journey (Scraplift Challenge Heaven)

It's really hard to scrapbook "manly" pages. I embossed my title-JOURNEY.  Add a little bling, but tried to make it rugged by distressing the edges & the yellow paper under the pics.


Friends Mini Album

Memories Album

New Life Mini Album

Absolutely love making mini albums.  Hope to sell them. Still learning different ways to make flowers, how to bind the books, different ways to make pockets to store pics.  The amazing thing is the small books hold like 30 pics!  They are so nice to display in the living room. The different themes to use is endless!  The embellishments are so cute & fun.  Have used my Stampin Up stamps to decorate with.  They are time consuming to make-but when done they look fabulous!

Life Mini Album

Acyrlic Paintings

I have added pics of some of my acrylic paintings. Am getting behind on the pictures being added for the scrapbooking.  Since all are for sale-I need to get busy!!

Mini Album Crazy!!

I am loving the you tube video's on making mini albums.  I'm working on my 3rd one now.
The first one I made with envelopes--each side had to be covered & embellished.
The second I tried a new technique using 12x12 two sided paper.  Folded it to make the pockets.
This 3rd one I'm trying to really simplify.  I want to be able to sell them.  Can't add costly bling-it will drive the total price up.  Want it beautiful-easy to make.

Hardware Store Haul

Visited our local hardware store for the first time today. Wanted to see if I could find anything to use embellishing my mini albums.

Found some very cool stuff.  Small decorative gold hinges, chains in small silver triangles & small gold rectangles, knobs  to use to hook some string around. 

There were all kinds of rings to choose from! I want an easy & cheap & decorative way to bind my mini albums.

I'll be using all my goodies soon & will post pictures.