***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Friday, August 19, 2022

Fluid Art with DecoArt Interference Paint

I've been experimenting with fluid art.  

Trying to get cells to create is hard!
I've tried multiple mediums, multiple products.  The DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics is my favorite!!
Their Interference Colors worked FABULOUS!!

I started with a black canvas.  Just mixed DecoArt carbon black with some water and flotrol and had a big pool in the center, scattered some paint around the edges.

I've tried blowing with hairdryer, spinning, blowing with straw.  I can't seem to control the harshness of the blow dryer.  But I did use the blow-dryer on this canvas.  Did a little tilting as well.

The colors just turned out so vibrant.  The pictures really don't do them justice!! 

Colors used:  Violet, Gold, Blue 

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Please visit DecoArt today and try some interference paints for yourself!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

DecoArt Paint Pour Success!!

I'm new at Paint Pouring-so still learning what will and won't work!!
This is my finished piece!
I love how the colors move and create a unique piece of artwork!!

I started by pouring white Acrylic paint mixed with water to thin it out over the entire base.
The base is a 14 inch round from Hobby Lobby.  All paint used is from DecoArt Ready to Pour Acrylic Paint-found HERE

I had the idea to make flowers.  I was looking to do something delicate.  But I poured too much paint!  Once I started blowing out the paint (using a straw), the colors took over the canvas!!  That's not a bad thing if that's what you're looking for!! Ha!

Since delicate was the look I was going for, I gently laid a napkin on top -gently!!  To pick it up, pull up each corner and slowly lift it off.

Viola!!!  This was the outcome!  I love how the colors became more delicate and mixed!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Tutorial Vintage Butterfly Card

Welcome to my Blog!

One of my coworkers is having a birthday next week.  She's not a real frilly girl.  I tried to keep it simple, yet elegant.  I wanted to layer it.  I used DecoArt multi surface Acrylic Metallic paints to enhance several embellishments on the card and tie the whole thing together.
See the YouTube video at the bottom for all the steps.

Find your DecoArt supplies here- DecoArt

I used Champagne, Rosegold and Gold.
Thanks for visiting, please let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Create beach shore using Resin and DecoArt Paint

I have jumped on the Resin band wagon!!
I kept seeing the beautiful items everyone was making and I just had to try it!

There is definitely a learning curve. 
I painted the blue and brown with DecoArt Americana paint.

I had some shells I had picked up at Myrtle Beach, SC and I laid them down with a thin coat of resin underneath to hold them in place.  

I mixed some white acrylic paint into a small amount of resin to make the waves. Using a hair dryer to blow it out.

Click here to see a video!  Beach Shore

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Friday, February 11, 2022

DIY broken jewelry to masterpiece!

I'm doing some artwork for my bedroom wall.  When I saw this Dollar Tree sign-I knew I wanted to change it up!  At first I was going to repaint and put a clip on top to hold a picture of my grandkids.  when I started looking through my mixed media stash, It took a totally different direction!!

DecoArt products will help you with all your DIY projects!

I used their Matte Medium and Chocolate Suede Paint on this project.

I sanded it lightly to get the glitter off.

Then I decoupaged some song book sheets and added a little washi tape.

This is the back.  I put a layer of gesso, came back with DecoArt Coffee Bean Suede paint.  While the paint was still wet, I scrunched a paper towel and dabbed it all over to create more texture.
**note the Suede paint has some gritty texture and is so nice to work with**

I laid out my pearls and broken jewelry in the pattern I liked, then I hot glued it to the board.

I love how it turned out!! Definitely being hung in my bedroom!!

I hope this will inspire you to DIY some home décor for yourself!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Upcycle with DecoArt to create tiered centerpiece

I've been seeing these cute tiered centerpieces on Pinterest.  I just had to have one for my kitchen table.  Buy it?! NEVER!!  Have to break it down and make it myself!

Couldn't find the right plates at Dollar Tree-I did pick up plain glass candlesticks there.  Scooted on over the Roses and found the plates. $1 for large and 89cents for small. Total for tiered tray $7.

                                                              Prep with Gesso-allow to dry.

Used DecoArt Suede Chocolate to coat good, then a baby wipe to gently wipe 

away to look vintage.


I bought the flowers, white glass pieces at Dollar Tree. You can add whatever décor YOU want to match your space.  Change it out for holidays.  Endless possibilities.

Hope this inspires you to create your own tiered centerpiece!!

Monday, February 7, 2022

Unique Paint Pour

I did a paint pour for my granddaughter.
Her favorite color is blue. That was my inspiration.
I wanted to use this crushed glass I've had for a while in my stash from Stampin Up.
I used some silver alphabet to spell the work Unique.
It takes 24-48 hours for pours to totally dry.
Then I sealed it with a clear top coat.

You can get great colors for paint pouring at Deco Art website found HERE
It's very fun and every piece you do is different.

Fluid Art with DecoArt Interference Paint

I've been experimenting with fluid art.   Trying to get cells to create is hard! I've tried multiple mediums, multiple products.  Th...