***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WAW Challenge 11- with a PRIZE

Seems that so many people these days are discouraged, downhearted and are giving up.  Let's not forget we serve an AWESOME GOD!  He hears our crys and he's answering our prayers.  Please keep this weeks scripture close to your heart.  It's a very timely scripture for the world in which we live.    
Joshua 1:9

I love this Road Show designer paper & didn't have to do much to it.  I have this lovely antique lace.  This cute bird & flower combo came from the Dollar Tree!  You never know where you'll find a treasure.

You can win a **PRIZE** if your creation is chosen!  Our wonderful sponsor is:

Crop Stop
They carry a large inventory from all brands.  Be sure and check them out!!
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