***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Simple and Easy Cards

Making cards with limited items, can be fun and easy.
Use what you have.

These first two cards were made using a couple of small stamps from Stampin Up. 
You start by lightly tracing a circle in the middle of your white card stock.
Then I started stamping the butterflies around the circle-using different colors.  I only used two colors, but had 2 different butterflies. Once I covered my circle, I used two small flowers to fill in the background.

I chose to keep the background white in this one.
These 3 cards at the bottom were quick and easy as well.  I used my cricut and drew and cut the Praying for you sentiment. Used two different fonts. Used some of my left scraps for the first card.
I drew stripes in the sentiment to match my butterfly.
Colored pencils filled in this sentiment, stamped butterflies randomly around. Cut the butterfly out of a scrap piece of designer paper. 

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