***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Craft Studio COMPLETE!

My craft studio is finished!!
Here is my hardwood floor that was under the carpet!
My husband sanded and refinished them. They are fabulous!

 I have a metal rack on the right wall for punches.  A towel rack in front of me for punches. Under my desk is a tub on rollers that holds 12x12 paper.  My desk is made with 2 cabinets with drawers and a recycled kitchen counter top. 
 My upper shelf holds tubs with flowers, button, pearls and a flower pot with all my scissors.
Here's a recycled desk that has a rubber maid 3 drawer unit under it. Housing my ribbon & adhesive. On the left side is a recycled microwave cart.  Embellishments on the top shelf and albums on the bottom.  My paper cutter, bigshot, printer & cricut are handy.

I started organizing my scraps in the 6 drawers on the top shelving. From top to bottom drawer: white/tan, black/brown, pattern paper, pink/red/orange, yellow/green, blue/purple.  I saw this somewhere on a blog & thought maybe I'd use mine more if they were organized a little better.
 Here is my recycled wardrobe. My husband took the front off of it and put shelves in it.  We screwed another wire rack on the side for some of my stamp sets.
 Your not going to believe it-but there is also a recycled cabinet on TOP of the wardrobe. We took the legs off & carefully shoved it up there!

Talk about storage! Oh My!  Since I recycle a lot of items, A lot of the "stuff" behind the closed doors is old files, boxes, frames, etc.  Not very glamourous I'm afraid.  But I do get a LOT done in here.
I just love the new layout.  I even have a tiny big of space left for a new sewing machine.

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