***Paint Classes***

***Paint Classes***

Monday, March 4, 2013

Out of commission/Art Studio remodel

I haven't had my studio in a week!  That's the longest I've ever gone without creating.

Don't worry-I was able to reach my colored pencils!
Joined in a technique challenge at OWSE.

We were to close our eyes and doodle on a page and see what we saw.

Here's my completed drawing.  I was really surprised that I immediately saw a duck.
I'd love to have my white gel pen and black fine marker to really doll this picture up.
It will have to do.  Hope you like it.

Pretty cool huh?
These are the before pictures of my craft room.  The room is empty now. Carpet has been pulled up. We've discovered HARDWOOD FLOORS underneath!
It's taking more time to get back into my room since we're redoing the hardwood floor ourselves.

I've painted the walls a solid neutral color since I've been adding things to the walls -it was getting overwhelming with the mural. 

 Below is a picture of the "stuff" I took out of the room.  Now the furniture pieces have joined it.

 Monday-DH is sanding the floors, Tuesday coating with poly.
I'm taking 2 vacation days-Thurs & Friday to move back into my studio.
I can hardly wait!  I've been researching all types of storage ideas.
Trying to figure out what will be best for me.

Stayed tuned for the finished room-hopefully by next Sunday!

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